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Sasha Pivovarova’s Vogue China Cover Gives Us the Chills (Forum Buzz)

After giving us one Sasha last month, Vogue China delivered another Sasha on the cover of their recent edition. This time around, Sasha Pivovarova fronts the magazine’s June 2015 issue and transports us to another dimension with its futuristic looking cover shot. Captured by Boo George, Sasha dons a sequined dress from Christian Dior, appearing just as she did several years ago oozing a youthful aura and her alien-like beauty peering out toward us readers.

Yet the cover made our forum members feel a slight chill. “It is a great cover but very cold for June,” noted GlamorousBoy.

“The overall feel of the cover screams winter. It’s so cold and icy for summer. The pose is a bit Cosmo for me matched with smile. The mouth is awkward too. After last month‘s beautiful Boo George offering, this is a let down. I had high hopes,” MON expressed feeling underwhelmed.

“It’s a good cover but I agree that it is a bit cold for June,” KateTheGreatest responded soon after.

Forum member gazebo disagreed: “I think the icy feel is comforting for June. You don’t want fire on the cover when it’s fire outside. I think it’s a beautiful cover except for the face expression which is awkward and annoying.”

“Another month, another Sasha, another perfect cover!” raved miguelalmedia, projecting a different attitude.

Ash92 was quick to acknowledge, “It seems like out of the 06-07 girls like Lily, Caroline, Jessica, Sasha seems to be the one still booking Vogue covers.”

“Another great cover, love the colors, and that Dior is fantastic.” enthused Miss Dalloway.

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