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Vogue Netherlands Fails to Impress with Julia Bergshoeff Reprint (Forum Buzz)

Magazines seem to have forgotten we’re in some desperate need of sunshine on our summer covers. Vogue Netherlands thankfully heard our cries and delivered an inviting, season-appropriate cover for its newly-unveiled June 2015 issue. Josh Olins captured Julia Bergshoeff in Hawaii appearing as though she’s just returned from a surf session down at the beach, sporting a Mugler swimsuit teamed with a pair of comfy suede trousers from Chanel.

Vogue Netherlands June 2015 Julia Bergshoeff by Josh Olins


We were all for the cover until something was brought to our attention. “What a splendid cover! It’s visually strong and it’s inviting! This cover screams summer and I like it. Finally an outdoor shot from them that actually works! One of their best hands down!” raved MON.

“Love this very warm and relaxed summer evening close to the beach. Very inviting!” added |PerfectTonight|.

Forum members were soon informed of the cover image’s original origins, though. “It’s actually a reprint from Vogue UK April 2015,” anaa lpz posted.

“Their second reprint cover. IMO, this image is not really suitable for a cover. Team Vogue NL spends their budget on trips and parties instead of making a good magazine,” DutchHomme sniggered.

Benn98 shared the same sentiments, writing, “Second reprint? This does not bode well. I agree that this doesn’t translate well as a cover. One cannot even see her face with the dark shade and hair. At least they’ve narrowed the font types down for this cover.”

In agreement was Miss Dalloway: “Horrible image to reprint as the cover, completely wrong, and would never ever make me want to pick up the issue!”

“Loved this editorial but don’t know about the cover choice…why reprint? I mean really? Couldn’t they have taken an outtake from the April issue shoot…” gossiping wondered soon after.

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