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T Magazine Delivers the Perfect Summer Cover with Julia Bergshoeff (Forum Buzz)

We often forget about magazines that aren’t entitled Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar or ELLE and T The New York Times Style Magazine reminds us with the release of its brand new Summer Travel 2015 issue. Julia Bergshoeff, already on the cover of Vogue Netherlands this month, was photographed by Karim Sadli in the tranquil outdoors of Hawaii, resulting in a set of natural, raw and organic fashion images — a refreshing display from what else is on offer.

Once the cover surfaced on our forums, members expressed rave reviews across the board. “Julia is such a star. What a captivating presence,” noted Steddycam91 right away.

“Julia depicts the feeling of Hawaii — laid-back, warm, and diverse natural scenery. Nice works by Karim,” TheoG shared soon after.

In agreement was zoom: “Gorgeous fresh summer cover. Love Julia here.”

The accompanying cover story later found its way onto the thread. “I adore Julia in this! Every picture is so fresh!” enthused Nepenthes.

“Fantastic cover and editorial!” echoed MON.

Vitamine W echoed the sentiments and wrote, “She and Karim are such a golden combo. Simply gorgeous.”

“Stunning cover and edit. The still life shots looks almost identical to Jamie Hawkesworth’s Miu Miu campaign, which I loved,” Benn98 acknowledged.

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