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Anna Selezneva ‘Looks Powerful and Beautiful’ on Harper’s Bazaar Germany (Forum Buzz)

Harper’s Bazaar Germany successfully impressed with its fabulous close-up shot of Arizona Muse last month. The magazine now moves swiftly onto its June/July 2015 issue featuring cover model Anna Selezneva— and they’ve created something wonderful once again. The one-time cover girl of French Vogue was captured by Marcus Ohlsson for the occasion and wears a crisp white dress while posing under gorgeous sunlight.

Harper's Bazaar Germany June/July 2015 Anna Selezneva by Marcus Ohlsson


“Perfect cover! So minimal but the pose is so suggestive and the play with the masthead is cute, it’s a very nice balance. I like the contradiction, it is not cheap in any way, it looks expensive but playful and sexy,” credited gazebo.

“Strong and dynamic pose, Anna looks beautiful,” Cosmic Voices raved soon after.

Also showing the cover some love was KateTheGreatest: “It’s a pleasure to see her and she looks so gorgeous. It’s a really gorgeous cover, love it!”

Benn98 agreed, commenting, “Anna looks great, yet another fresh shot from German Harper’s Bazaar. You don’t need top photographers to deliver something classic.”

“It’s beautiful and it’s Bazaar like,” appreciated A.D.C.

Emmanuelle was also quick to share her enthusiasm. “I really like this cover ! The pose, the colors, it’s a great job!” she enthused.

“Anna looks really powerful here. Can’t wait to see the ed,” added Mody in anticipation.

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