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A Gorgeous Jennifer Connelly Wears Louis Vuitton (Obviously) on Town & Country (Forum Buzz)

Town & Country rarely makes an appearance on our forums but since the beautiful Jennifer Connelly is on the cover, the title’s June/July 2015 edition was sure to grab our attention. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jennifer wears a creation by Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton , as the designer credits the actress as his muse, even signing her up to star in the brand’s Spring 2015 advertising campaign. Victor Demarchelier photographed Connelly posing in a vintage car and we’re sold!

Our forum members flocked to the thread to add their two cents. “Very modern, definitely a breath of fresh air,” raved elle_gb.

“She’s so beautiful and classy,” complimented justaguy, giving major props to T&C’s cover star.

Miss Dalloway gave the cover a rave review too. “Gorgeous, even with all that text,” she said.

In agreement was Benn98: “What a lovely shot. Even though I cannot stand any more of these Louis Vuitton looks, this looks great here. The cover sentences are actually quite short, don’t know why it’s taking up all the space.”

“Yep, so bored of her in Louis Vuitton. Can never get over how stunning she is though,” responded HeatherAnne.

“Beautiful shot, too bad the cover is a bit too crowded,” shared Thefrenchy.

Did Town & Country go overboard with the cover lines? Join the conversation here.