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Marie Claire Nailed Rachel McAdams’ June 2015 Cover Shoot (Forum Buzz)

Last week, we had an exclusive peek at Marie Claire‘s June 2015 cover but now the official images have been unveiled and we can take a closer look. Photographer Jen Welters captured Rachel McAdams flipping her hair back over her shoulders and wearing a floral print dress by Erdem. We’re often left a little underwhelmed by the American edition of the Hearst-owned title, but forum members took an immediate liking to this cover.

US Marie Claire June 2015 Rachel McAdams by Jan Welters


“Oh my, this made me sit up! Definitely not what I had in mind when I read the title. I love it, it’s a fresh approach. Great dress as well. Magazines always photograph Rachel with that girl-next door vibe. It’s tiring,” enthused Benn98.

“I think it is the best cover of US Maire Claire in months. Finally their layout is not an eyesore,” admired GlamorousBoy.

Also full of appreciation was Miss Dalloway: “One of their best covers, its fresh, unexpected, and for a title like MC not a safe cover image, at all.”

“Love this! So nice to see something different for a celebrity cover,” responded justaguy.

TeeVanity agreed, echoing, “It’s quite lovely. I enjoy seeing Rachel on covers she always has a sweet flare about her.”

“Great to see the beautiful Ms. McAdams, she has a big year coming up! They even found a way to disguise the harsh two-tone hair color she has for True Detective, so props to Marie Claire,” HeatherAnne raved in agreement.

Nepenthes was also full of enthusiasm. “Love this. Rachel looks gorgeous!” she wrote.

Check out Rachel’s cover story and the rest of the content inside out thread. Don’t forget to add your own two cents here.