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Can You Spot the Photoshop Blunders in This Vogue Ukraine Cover? (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Ukraine was in our bad books last month for the awkward Georgia May Jagger cover. Now the magazine releases its latest and we’re still left feeling a little iffy. Shot by Arcin Sagdic, Polish model Ola Rudnicka graces the June 2015 issue poised on the studio floor wearing a floor-length Burberry dress. Our savvy forum members noticed signs of some evident airbrushing, which ultimately disappoints. Maybe those bleached eyebrows aren’t helping?

Vogue Ukraine June 2015 Ola Rudnicka by Arcin Sagdic


“Was the dress Photoshopped onto her? There’s something really weird to it. Also, I am bothered with how the image was zoomed. I wish they zoomed it more and placed her in the middle because she’s being eaten out by the text. Vogue Ukraine just doesn’t impress me anymore,” expressed MON the moment the cover surfaced.

“Really bad airbrushing,” agreed Glamorous Boy.

In agreement over the Photoshop was Emmanelle: “Indeed there’s something weird with her cleavage. Problem with Photoshop? Besides that, the cover is pretty, I can’t wait to see what’s inside.”

Things soon started to shape up. “A couple of odd bits, no pun intended, but overall, very cool cover,” enthused justaguy.

“Weird cleavage thing aside (which isn’t even that bad), this is a really cool cover. Very unique,” MyNameIs echoed.

“I don’t know about the backdrop but Ola is beautiful on the cover,” TeeVanity commented.

Nepenthes shared the same opinion, writing, “Her face is stunning! Happy for Ola!”

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