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Kendall Jenner Just Scored Her First Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Gigi Hadid beat her to the punch but now it’s Kendall Jenner’s turn for a Vogue cover — and it was a long time coming. Discussion began to circulate inside our Cover Rumor Thread, speculating just when and where the reality TV star-turned-model would bag herself a cover and our forums engaged in an exclusive preview over the weekend. Kendall is joined by Kris Wu on her debut cover, gracing Vogue China‘s July 2015 issue lensed by Mario Testino.

The moment the image struck, forum members began to voice their horror. “What a safe cover. Where’s the creativity?” questioned MON immediately.

“The cover does nothing for me, Testino is boring and Kendall is not a good model,” KateTheGreatest slammed.

Also underwhelmed was la veronika: “She’s always dead in the eyes, no matter what…”

Nomar certainly wasn’t impressed and asked, “How could you do this Vogue China?”

Yet not everyone was so quick to hate. “I quite like the look of this…I’m possibly one of the few people who doesn’t completely detest Kendall as a model. Curious to see the HQ but would probably have preferred it if she was on her own,” shared Bobby153.

“It’s a nice cover and amazing that she got her first Vogue cover. Wonder if she’ll be able to pass Kim’s 3 as the year continues,” TeeVanity said.

JesseDillion was a fan too: “Whether you love her or hate her (personally I’m indifferent) you have to give her credit when it’s due, and here I think it is due here. She looks stunning in this cover in my opinion.”

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