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Stella Tennant’s UK Vogue Cover Is ‘Extremely Dull’ (Forum Buzz)

British Vogue just cannot catch a break. Our forums have noticed a rapid decline in the magazine’s creativity and it’s failed to amp up the excitement with the latest release. The month of July is Vogue‘s annual age issue and Stella Tennant graces a somewhat disappointing cover. A regular fixture in the modelling game since the 90s, Stella stands before a bland gray background sporting a simple shirt and trousers combination. 

UK Vogue July 2015 Stella Tennant


Leave it to our forum members to tell it just like it is. “I just saw this appear on my Instagram feed and it makes me rather sad. I like Stella, I’m very happy to see her land the cover but I mean, come on. This magazine is devoid of fashion content when it comes to their covers. I get that it’s about ‘ageless style’ but even so. New blood is needed soon,” honeycombchild shared.

“Looks like a supplement cover, it’s extremely dull. Hate what she’s wearing too,” added gossiping.

HeatherAnne was left less than impressed too. “I love Stella, but wow, they have her looking like a dull stiff here,” she complained.

“Well…this is painfully boring!” agreed Bobby153.

Also not feeling it was nataliaapple who exclaimed, “This… is really bad. That top looks like a work shirt from Banana Republic. Where’s the styling? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the fashion? This would be better suited for Time than the cover of Vogue U.K. Just bad.”

Les_Sucettes wasn’t showing much enthusiasm either. “When I saw her name I knew it would be dull, she always was a boring model, but even for my low expectations this is extremely dull and Alexandra is a dull editor. Her idea of fashion is rooted in a sort of middle class poshness that is eye wateringly bland.”

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