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UK ELLE’s July Cover with Ellie Goulding Is a Mess (Forum Buzz)

During the summer months, magazines constantly bombard us with countless physiques adorned in skimpy swimwear, yet U.K. ELLE decided to fully conceal Ellie Goulding‘s figure on the cover of its body issue. The British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist fronts the magazine’s July edition wearing a “truly disgusting jumpsuit” with an untidy slicked-back hairdo while posing for photographer Aitken Jolly. How badly did they mess this one up?

UK Elle July 2015 Ellie Goulding by Aitken Jolly


Our forum members were quick to share their dismay. “What a travesty. The colors, the fonts, the outfit and the pose are all horrible. What happened to this magazine’s layout? It’s shockingly bad,” discredited LastNight.

“Very Messy cover!” replied fashionlover2001 in agreement.

Sharing the same sentiments was honeycombchild: “I love how badly thought out this is! Let’s have a woman with an amazing body on the cover of the body issue, and let’s cover up every last inch of her body in a truly disgusting jumpsuit!”

Also disappointed was jescajade who proclaimed, “What an eyesore!”

Cosmic Voices described the cover as a “mess” inside the thread.

In a state of shock was Benn98. “Wasn’t expecting this when I read the title!! It’s a shame they ruined this cover, Ellie is a pretty girl. Terrible outfit!” he complained.

“The styling doesn’t fit the body issue,” echoed MDNA.

This most certainly could have been far better, don’t you agree? Drop us a comment here.