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Could Natalia Vodianova’s Russian Esquire Cover Use a Little Photoshop? (Forum Buzz)

Most of the time, it’s simplicity that wins the race and the Russian edition of Esquire certainly kept this in mind for its bare bones June cover shoot. Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, the master of black and white photography, Natalia Vodianova graces the issue, but we’re left with mixed reactions. Though our forums are typically pretty outspoken when it comes to the misuse of Photoshop and airbrushing, this image is just a little too raw for the majority.

Esquire Russia June 2015 Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh


“OMG she looks so bad, poor Natalia,” shared a displeased Oxymore the moment the cover surfaced.

“I know!! Look at that jawline. I understand what he went for, but it falls flat, I’m afraid,” Benn98 responded.

Also not feeling it was Nymphaea who ranted, “Scary! She reminds me of Lurch from The Addams Family.

Thankfully for Esquire, not everyone was so disappointed. “It’s quite an unnerving cover, but I’m proud of Natalia for being brave enough to be photographed like this,” Cosmic Voices praised, adding a different attitude inside the thread.

“First, I love Russian Esquire‘s simple design. They are all outstanding for many reasons. Second, I don’t understand all the negative comments. Unlike much of Natalia’s recent work, this is such a strong and serene cover with a very Lauren Bacall-ish vibe,” acknowledged Royal-Galliano.

Fashionlover2001 was quick to add, “I think she looks raw, vulnerable and beautiful! That is probably what Lindbergh was going for.”

In agreement was mepps. “She looks like a human being. A living, breathing, beautiful woman. Peter Lindbergh is a master,” she applauded.

Are you a fan of the rawness of the cover shot? Join the conversation here.