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Amanda Wellsh Gives Us Plenty of Attitude on Vogue Mexico (Forum Buzz)

Can Vogue Mexico ever catch a break? The magazine always falls under constant scrutiny for its uninspiring covers and with its June 2015 issue, there’s a dim light at the end of the tunnel. The cover features Amanda Wellsh in a Louis Vuitton dress as she dominates in front of a colorful background with voluminous hair, delivering plenty of attitude.

Vogue Mexico June 2015 Amanda Wellsh by Jacques Dequeker


Still, our forums were left divided after the issue broke. “Amanda with plenty of attitude, I like it,” raved Miss Dalloway the moment the cover surfaced.

“She’s beautiful. The cover is stunning,” agreed inwhiterooms.

Also fond of the cover and eager to see more was Emmanuelle: “Amanda is really beautiful, can’t wait to see her in the editorial.”

Forum member fluorescentbeat was a fan too and admired, “I like the way she’s styled, looks like something new… Amazing!”

“She looks good. All the rest is a mess, from the colours, the layout and the overwhelming amount of text, which it is even hard to read because of the colours,” ranted models_vlada, contributing a different attitude to the discussion.

Sharing the same sentiments was marsnoop2: “Not a fan of the text, the layout looks exactly like Vogue Brazil.”

Oxymore thought the cover resembled Brazilian Vogue too and exclaimed, “It looks like Cara’s Vogue Brazil cover from last year. Too many colors, I don’t like it. And the styling doesn’t match the background at all.”

Whose side are you on? Pick one and let us know here.