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Blake Lively Wears Chanel on Harper’s Bazaar China (Forum Buzz)

Back in May, Allure delivered an effortlessly beautiful cover with Blake Lively and now Harper’s Bazaar China takes its best shot at the actress. Blake becomes the magazine’s July subject, posing for photographer Trunk Xu looking poised and elegant for the shot. It should come as no surprise that Blake wears Chanel , having formed a solid relationship with Karl Lagerfeld — remember the Chanel handbag campaign back in 2011? 

Harper's Bazaar China July 2015 Blake Lively by Trunk Xu


The cover leaves us with mixed feelings, however. “Wow, this looks good. Much better than American magazines (especially her last Marie Claire cover). Love what she’s wearing,” Benn98 raved.

“How disappointing, must be one of their worst cover images! She can look, and photograph so much better than this! Not to mention that bad hair, makeup, and open mouth expression in combination with the cheap looking background! It’s almost like a press junket photo!” Miss Dalloway replied as things started to go downhill.

MON wasn’t enthusiastic, either. “Oh my goodness, even The Hollywood Reporter can photograph better than this. That hair looks like a low quality dried up wig. That nose contour is all sorts of wrong. I dislike the green masthead but I wouldn’t blame them for trying to add color to a rather dead cover shot. Even her stare gives me nothing,” he complained.

Also unimpressed was gazebo: “She looks crippled. Her legs look disproportionately short and tiny.”

“That pose is awful and does not work at all, the photography is bad. Yes she looks beautiful with her face and hair but the styling, that cropping, the pose make it look super amateur or an outtake at best. The layout of that cover looks also quite weak,” disapproved Bertrando3.

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