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Lindsey Wixson Is ‘Adorable’ on Vogue Russia’s July 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Russia successfully knocked it out of the park with its June cover, featuring a smoldering Catherine McNeil. In an attempt to keep up that winning streak this month, Russian Vogue tapped Lindsey Wixson as its July model of choice. Continuing the sultry theme, the model vamps it up for photographer Ellen von Unwerth as she playfully places a daffodil across one eye and gazes down the lens — ultimately reminding us of another publication.

Vogue Russia July 2015 Lindsey Wixson by Ellen von Unwerth


“Well it would be perfect for i-D… But I actually like the cover,” acknowledged Cosmic Voices within moments of the cover surfacing.

In agreement was MON, who wrote, “I’d love this for i-D. It’s not that bad actually. I expected worse.”

Also a fan of the cover was Nymphaea. “I can feel the sunshine, nice and warm,” she appreciated.

MDNA was quick to share his enthusiasm, too, writing, “Perfect cover, it’s her best Vogue cover with no doubt.” This sounds good for sales this month!

“Gorgeous cover, I also loved their Catherine one, it looked so amazing in print,” informed Miss Dalloway.

“Adorable! Love her so much. Happy she got another Vogue cover,” enthused thatsfierce.

Showing the cover some more love was happycanadian: “I have to confess that this is a stunning cover – pretty much in all regards. The lighting, the colour saturation, her hair, her lips, her emotive eye, the placement of the flower. Even the focus on her quirky teeth. It all just comes together to make a striking photograph. It’ll stand out on the magazine rack, of that I can be sure.”

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