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Caroline Trentini Dyes Her Hair Pink for Vogue Spain (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Spain continues to go from bad to worse with the release of its July installment. The magazine went through a phase of welcoming unexpected cover stars but brought back old favorite Caroline Trentini for its latest. Caroline looks noticeably different, sporting a distracting shade of pink hair as she poses for Argentine photographer Paola Kudacki.

Vogue Spain July 2015 Caroline Trentini by Paola Kudacki


You best believe the majority of our forum members aren’t feeling it. “What an underwhelming cover image, she can do so much better than this!” expressed Miss Dalloway the moment the cover hit.

“I really want to like it but something bothers me and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s probably the hair even though I like it, maybe it would’ve worked better on a different type of magazine cover. It doesn’t look like Vogue at all,” added KateTheGreatest.

“This magazine should find its identity as soon as possible,” suggested Creative.

Also not feeling it was thatsfierce: “This is bad, [especially] that pink hair. Caroline is beautiful, love her freckles, but the hair and the pose.”

“I was like DAMN Vogue España is returning to its great period back in 2007, when Caroline and other supers were on their covers but this is an atrocity and the pink hair and the lame pose don’t help that’s for sure. Really bad cover,” fumed Bertrando3.

Cosmic Voices wasn’t having any of it, writing, “I honestly don’t think Caroline is cool enough of a model to carry off pink hair.”

“I want to like it…but it just looks inconsistent. I just don’t know the identity of Vogue España,” MON said.

The mag managed to get it all wrong this month. Have your say inside the thread here.