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Kanye, Kendall and Riccardo Tisci Star on Vogue Japan’s ‘Strange’ August Cover (Forum Buzz)

After Vogue Japan‘s ordinary July cover with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the magazine finally brings the excitement with its newly-unveiled August 2015 installment (yes, August covers already). In an unexpected turn of events, the Japanese title tapped Riccardo Tisci and his Givenchy gang to sit in a yearbook formation for photographic duo Luigi & Iango, making for an interesting subject. Tisci asked Kanye West, Kendall JennerJessica Chastain, Joan Smalls, Jamie Bochert, Akimoto Kozue and Mica Arganaraz to pose alongside him, but we’re far from impressed.

Vogue Japan August 2015 Givenchy Gang by Luigi & Iango


“What a strange cover. Are they trying to look like Vogue Italia with the black frame? And what is Jessica doing here? And Kanye? I mean, I can understand if it’s Tisci with his models but I don’t think adding Kanye and Jessica really brings something to the cover,” voiced Oxymore.

“This is just as lazy as it could get. Were they too lazy to think of a theme so they just thought of Tisci and asked him to bring seven people with him? I just can’t anymore. What is happening with Vogue Japan? I am really bothered. They continue to lose their identity and their prestige with every cover they produce. After that horrendous cover with Rosie now this? I just don’t know anymore,” MON replied.

Marc10 definitely wasn’t feeling it as he ranted, “God I can’t stand Riccardo and his gang [of] nonsense. So freaking annoying.”

Also finding the situation rather laughable was Edie123: “Simultaneously busy and boring. I guess that’s an achievement of sorts.”

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