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Gigi and Bella Hadid Look ‘Hooker Chic’ on V Magazine’s Fall Preview Cover (Forum Buzz)

Over the past week, V Magazine has been teasing us with previews and tidbits from its upcoming issue and now the wait is over as the magazine unveils its Fall Preview 2015 issue, featuring Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella as smoldering cover girls. Captured by Steven Klein, the siblings vamp it up wearing furs, lingerie and skyscraper heels as they battle it out while posing in front of a flashy automobile. Impressed?

V Magazine Fall Preview 2015 Gigi & Bella Hadid by Steven Klein


Our forum members weren’t exactly jumping for joy. “Can’t even recognize Gigi on the cover. What an odd shot to be on the cover,” exclaimed jeffandtheworld the moment the cover surfaced.

“That makeup is so harsh. What even? They look like drag queens and Bella’s bulge does not help the situation at all. And Gigi’s hair/wig looks tired,” assessed an uninspired MON.

Wolkfolk was quick to show his disapproval, too, writing, “I feel a bit uncomfortable looking at these shots. I feel like they are and look too young for the whole hooker-chic look.”

Also underwhelmed was KissMiss: “Gosh, Steven used to be a good photographer… his recent work looks very tacky…”

“I don’t mind the idea of it but I don’t think it works well as a cover shot. The composition is kind of awkward,” posted MyNameIs, as we just started coming around to the idea.

“I actually love this!” enthused Oxymore, sharing an entirely different opinion on the thread.

Benn98 agreed and replied, “Me too, it’s tawdry and messy, but most of all, it’s models! Gigi looks unrecognizable with the aggressive makeup and Bella’s crotch looks a bit suspect on the cover, but this is quite a surprise.”

V Magazine Fall Preview 2015 Gigi & Bella Hadid by Steven Klein


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