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Model Naty Chabanenko Takes a Selfie on the Cover of UK Harper’s Bazaar (Forum Buzz)

Celebrities are everywhere we look on the newsstands, splashed across almost every single fashion magazine. So you can imagine our amazement when U.K. Harper’s Bazaar dropped a model on its August 2015 installment. We took an exclusive first look at the cover photographed by Erik Madigan Heck over the weekend, featuring Naty Chabanenko taking a selfie in a fabulous matelassé dress by Erdem.

UK Harper's Bazaar August 2015 Naty Chabanenko


The majority of us weren’t feeling the cover though. “This is so try-hard! Sigh! I applaud a magazine such as this not going with a celeb cover, but why not do a decent one with the used model then?! Nothing about this image would attract me to purchase the issue! Cold & gimmicky!” critiqued Miss Dalloway.

“What on earth is this? Is it a joke?” asked an underwhelmed MON.

Bertrando3 wasn’t feeling it either, echoing, “Gosh I hate when magazines try to be so creative and they end up being a gimmick of themselves. This cover looks fake and what is it? Product placement on the cover like that with a phone and with a few petals on the floor and you call this a cover?”

Also disappointed was tigerrogue: “In principle, I like it when a magazine is experimental with the cover, but on a personal level, this cover is meaningless. The colors are cold and there’s absolutely no connection between the model and me, because she’s too busy taking a selfie or something similarly unappealing.”

Fortunately for Bazaar, not everyone was uninterested. “I applaud any risks taken by a magazine these days. Let’s not forget that U.K. Bazaar started off the year by given us yet another Reese and Gwyneth profile. I’ll take this over them any day,” applauded A.D.C.

“I actually really like it. It pops and I like how you can barely see her face cause it’s white-out,” gazebo admired.

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