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Kate Moss and Lara Stone Join Forces for Balenciaga’s Epic Fall 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

So far, the Fall 2015 advertising campaigns have been pretty predictable in terms of casting. We never saw this one coming though: Alexander Wang tapped Kate Moss and Lara Stone to pose alongside each other for Balenciaga‘s fall campaign — with outstanding results. Steven Klein captured the moment in front of what looks to be the same recycled background from last season. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from loving on the image hard after it surfaced earlier today.

Balenciaga Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Kate Moss & Lara Stone


“This is absolute perfection. Quintessential Steven Klein and epic cast; nothing could go wrong! Stellar image, can’t wait to see the full campaign!” expressed Nepenthes the second the image struck.

“Oh my!!! This got me all wet, both girls look so stunning. So much mood, and I like the clothes they chose. Cannot wait to see the rest,” added a more than elated Benn98.

Marsnoop2 was head over heels too, describing the image as “epic!!”

In agreement was Chanelcouture09: “This has to be the biggest surprise casting of the season – Steven’s dark aesthetic works wonders with the collection and the mood Alexander tried to create this season, they complement each other exceptionally.”

Sharing the same sentiments was Miss Dalloway: “Yes, perfect combo of cast, styling & photographer. This is when Klein works for me!”

“Oh my goodness!! I am in love with this!!! There’s not much movement but you can just sense the energy!! I love it. I cannot wait to see the entire campaign,” enthused MON.

“This is absolutely fantastic !! The composition is phenomenal, Kate & Lara look phenomenal, the clothes look phenomenal and Steven’s photography is on point. Totally unexpected but so great,” Wolkfolk raved.

We can’t remember when a campaign was this fantastic. Join the conversation here.