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Kendall Jenner Serves ‘Empty Dishwasher Face’ for Fendi’s Fall Campaign (Forum Buzz)

As reported on our forums and documented across Instagram, Kendall Jenner and Lily Donaldson shot for Fendi‘s Fall 2015 advertising campaign. There are no signs of Donaldson’s images as of yet but Jenner’s debut for the campaign is here, as she sets out once again to prove herself as a worthy model. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, the Esteé Lauder spokesperson poses in the studio before an eye-catching prop and does her best to stand out.

Fendi Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Kendall Jenner by Karl Lagerfeld


According to our forums, Kendall isn’t and won’t be worthy — ever. “Karl, stop it! You used to discover interesting models… Right now, you just get on the bandwagon. I’m so over his model choices and his photos right now,” Creative said and came back to say, “That dull face! I can’t even. I didn’t have anything against her but she’s such an awful model. So dull, boring and insipid! She has no skills at all.”

“Always the same dull pose, I just don’t believe that she is a model,” slammed burbuja8910.

In agreement was gazebo: “Are you kidding me?? What is that face? There is no tension in her body. She just stands there. It really bugs me. It’s almost the 50th anniversary of Karl at Fendi and this is no way to celebrate. That house deserves more and Kendall deserves nothing. She’s not a model. Period.”

“And as always she’s serving empty dishwasher face,” shared an unsurprised Vitamine W.

Feeling the same way was thatsfierce: “Is it surprising to me that she looks so boring? Nope, she always does. What a boring picture. Hopefully Lily D works in this.”

“In all of the work she gets she ALWAYS looks bored and like she’d rather be somewhere else. And if that’s the case, then fine. Let other girls who actually want to be there—and can actually model/emote—be in the campaign,” ranted orchidee.

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