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Channing Tatum Dances for Vanity Fair’s August Cover (Forum Buzz)

We didn’t expect the already-iconic Caitlyn Jenner cover of Vanity Fair to vanish from newsstands so quickly, but the title dropped its August 2015 cover earlier this week, along with an entertaining video and some previews of the cover story. Channing Tatum had the honor of being photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the occasion, showing off his dances moves to promote Magic Mike XXL.

Vanity Fair August 2015 Channing Tatum by Annie Leibovitz


“They’re promoting Magic Mike and yet we only see the arms? There’s nothing sexy about this. And it doesn’t even look like him,” MON complained right away.

Steddycam91 wasn’t exactly jumping for joy either, ranting, “I like Channing, but this is already his THIRD time on Vanity Fair. I mean, come on. And he seems like a nice and funny guy, but I’m sure the story is going to be boring as. His stripper past has been thoroughly exhausted at this point.”

“So bored of Annie’s work and, nothing against Channing, but he’s on the cover again?” questioned justaguy in agreement.

Yet not everyone was so disappointed. “I mean sure it’s safe, but look at those arms. For me, arms can be as sexy as seeing a man shirtless, or even more so! His best cover for them,” enthused a satisfied Miss Dalloway.

“Once again, Vanity Fair has another hit cover on their hands. Channing Tatum looks hot and sexy without having to show his chest, etc. Also, Annie is on a roll at VF,” raved RanThe, projecting a different attitude inside the thread.

The accompanying video is sure to put a smile on your face. Check it out below and drop us a comment here.