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Steven Meisel Makes a Triumphant Return to Vogue Italia (Forum Buzz)

In what has felt like an eternity since the release of the June issue, Vogue Italia has finally debuted its July installment and Steven Meisel is back! The legendary lensman, who was noticeably absent last month, brings it like never before. The entire issue is dedicated to age, ushering in personalities from past and present with Meisel photographing the likes of Donna Jordan, Stockard Channing, Kaia Gerber and even Sasha Pivovarova‘s cute baby daughter Mia Isis Vishnyakov for the occasion.

Vogue Italia July 2015 by Steven Meisel


Naturally, forum members flocked to the thread. “What a triumphant return of Meisel to Vogue Italia!” shouted miguelalmeida to kick things off.

“I have to admit that I was actually more curious to see if Meisel would be back rather than anticipate the issue itself and I have to say that this is quite a fresh sight in my eyes after enduring the dull and the red background covers these past few months,” shared simon.

TeeVanity felt the same way, adding, “The long wait was worth it, happy it’s Steven Meisel and I really like the cast.”

Forum member mikel suggested we all  “pretend that June didn’t happen.”

“Steven Meisel showing everyone how it’s done! This is what effortless means! The cover looks like a table from a casting agency. Each and every portrait is beautiful. As cluttered as it may seem, this makes the June issue forgettable,” echoed MON.

“Franca [Sozzani] knew Vogue Italia would not be the same without Meisel. So glad he’s back!” rejoiced lanvinray.

Check out the fabulous content and see the fold-out cover in all its glory here.