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Salma Hayek Looks Gorgeous on Allure’s August Cover (Forum Buzz)

Is Allure set to become flavor of the month? First serving up fan favorite Taraji P. Henson and now Salma Hayek poses for the title’s stunning August cover. The 48-year-old actress appears as radiant as ever before the lens of Patrick Demarchelier, wearing a bra from Stella McCartney Lingerie. Selma’s messy updo was tended to by Garren and makeup was applied by Gucci Westman. Text overload aside, it should come as no surprise that the cover turned out so fabulously appealing.

US Allure August 2015 Salma Hayek by Patrick Demarchelier


“She looks beautiful. A nice surprise from Allure. I’ve been quite happy with their cover choices this year. Definitely not predictable as others,” admired A.D.C. right away.

“What a stunning shot of Salma! Beautiful!” added a satisfied Nepenthes.

Also full of appreciation was RanThe: “It’s nice to see someone on a cover of a magazine that isn’t overly used.”

Though there’s no denying the cover’s beauty, the amount of text leaves a lot to be desired. “Obnoxious oversized font taking attention away from a truly phenomenal image. I know we need to know what is inside the issue but surely there is a way to include all pertinent information without overwhelming the image,” said Luxx.

Kokobombon agreed: “I love the image, so powerful – that eyebrow!  Too bad the layout takes away from it. What were they thinking? Members from The Cover Challenge thread handle layouts better than this,” she declared.

“The text deserves a special place in hell for ruining an otherwise stunning cover image,” scorned marsnoop2.

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