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Kim Kardashian Looks Remarkably Low-Key on the Cover of Vogue Spain for August (Forum Buzz)

We called it! Kim Kardashian‘s mission must be to cover all international editions of Vogue before the year is up. At least it’s starting to feel that way since Mrs. West stars on yet another edition of the Condé Nast title. Having already racked up covers of the American, Australian and Brazilian versions, Kim now snags the cover of Vogue Spain‘s August issue because, let’s face it, Spanish Vogue could do with some much-needed press after our forums regularly tear its amateur covers apart. Kim’s latest Vogue shoot is a departure from her usual controversial imagery, appearing subtle and subdued (humongous diamond ring aside) before the lens of Theo Wenner.

Our forums were pleasantly surprised at the outcome. “I actually like it and I can’t believe I’m saying that! I was expecting something vulgar and distasteful, but somehow this is the complete opposite. This is what I wanted to see from her – simple, natural, and relatable (although that diamond ring is beyond belief),” shared MON.

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“Of course she had to show that huge ring… But the cover is nice, she looks good,” Oxymore replied.

ThatGuyPaul shared his enthusiasm, praising, “Lovely cover! She looks great!” In addition, Urban Stylin used the word “stunning” to describe the cover.

Also confessing her amazement was marsnoop2: “Might be the best I’ve seen her and I like that her age hasn’t been Photoshopped away, but enough is enough with this family,” as things began to turn a little sour.

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“So much better than I expected, but stop putting any members of this family on Vogue covers please,” echoed MDNA.

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