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Vogue China Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with a ‘Tragic’ Cover (Forum Buzz)

Over the past week we’ve been hearing tidbits about Vogue China‘s upcoming September issue and today the wait comes to an end. The title, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, went all-out in an attempt to impress for the momentous occasion with a fold-out cover featuring a handful of Chinese icons. Liu Wen, Bingbing Fan, Wei Zhao, Carina Lau, Wei Tang, Du Juan, Chris Lee, Bingbing Li, Zhang Ziyi and Xun Zhou pose together for the rehearsed and cold image shot by Mario Testino.

Vogue China September 2015 by Mario Testino


You’d best believe our forum members aren’t buying it. “What a tragic cover. How lame is this. It’s like Chinese Tatler,” MON announced.

“Feel the same. The poses and expressions of some of them are underwhelming. Insipid cover,” agreed ChimyeeRong.

MDNA wasn’t having any of it either. “I guess Mario [Testino] is really the curse of VC. Awful Photoshop, I couldn’t recognize most of them at first sight. Liu Wen looks tragic, and I’m quite surprised that Chris Lee slays in the cover, even though I don’t think she deserves to be one the cover stars.”

Also underwhelmed was Nepenthes: “Wow this looks really dated.”

“They got the most beautiful women in China for the cover and this is the outcome? My God! Chen Man would have done this cover justice!,” said WilliamsLe010919.

“Way too cheesy and way too wintry. Do they really need to do an anniversary issue every.single.year?” asked orchidee.

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos and add your own two cents here.