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Vogue Italia Recruits Fresh New Talent for Its August 2015 Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia‘s August 2015 cover confirms that Steven Meisel‘s presence at the magazine won’t be consistent in the near future. Meisel photographed last month’s hit after his infamous departure and now, the Italian fashion bible introduces some new talent with its August edition by welcoming an array of photographers. Vincent van de Wijngaard shot Mariacarla Boscono in the wilderness for his debut sitting at the publication and with “The Now Image Makers” splashed across the front cover, we suspect Vogue Italia means business with its fresh new recruits.

Vogue Italia August 2015 Mariacarla Boscono by Vincent van de Wijng


Forum members couldn’t wait to share their opinions. “That is one beautiful cover and editorial! I love the vibe. I have to keep my eye on Vincent van de Wijngaard. Very promising talent. A welcome change for Vogue Italia,” Style Savvy approved.

“This time they got it right! This is what you do when you don’t have Meisel,” raved Lola701.

In agreement was [Piece Of Me]: “I’m always happy to see Mariacarla. And while I do like Meisel a lot, I’m always excited to see some fresh talent on the pages of VI. Vincent certainly delivered.”

TheoG shared the same sentiments, echoing, “This is a welcome idea, before I was in doubt that VI would be able to carry an issue without Meisel but if they plan on introducing these image makers into their publication, then Meisel for every single issue isn’t necessary. Love Meisel but he’s not the only photographer who can carry VI.”

The cover certainly seems to hold promise for sales as mistress_f informed us, “This will be the first Vogue Italia issue I buy in ages. Mariacarla looks like a goddess (as usual) and the main editorial is amazing.”

“Wow this issue feels so fresh!” credited Nepenthes.

See the contents of Italian Vogue‘s August edition and drop us a comment here.