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Karlie Kloss Looks So Effortlessly Cool on Flare Magazine’s September Cover Shoot (Forum Buzz)

Is Karlie Kloss set to dominate your local newsstand this month? It’s certainly starting to look that way as Karlie already has the current cover of Glamour under her belt and now fronts the September 2015 issue of Flare. The statuesque beauty participated in a classic studio sitting with photographer Nino Muñoz behind the lens, with Katie Mossman on styling duties. Karlie shows us just how it’s done, looking effortlessly cool wearing a crisp white shirt teamed with a pair of blue jeans. 

Flare September 2015 Karlie Kloss by Nino Munoz


Members of our forums couldn’t contain their praise for long. “She is everywhere this month. Love the cover with the white shirt. This is much better than the US Glamour cover,” stated dfl-001 right away.

In agreement was MON: “Stunning! Beyond beautiful!! So much better than her Glamour cover!”

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“QUEEN!” hailed Slater, returning to the thread moments later to add, “Karlie is such an icon. She has left an impact on high fashion that will be remembered!”

Benn98 was quick to reply, “I know, and quite right too, if you ask me. She’s finally getting the recognition she deserves. I like this cover, she looks very approachable. Hope it sells for Canadians.”

Also full of admiration and appreciation was blueorchid: “I’m always glad when Flare manages to get a model on their cover, rather than the third rate American actresses they typically get.”

“Love this cover! Very classic!” said Nepenthes, before justaguy echoed, “Very nice! Simple, clean & love the crisp white shirt…classic!”

See more photos of Karlie doing what she does best inside our thread, and don’t forget to drop us a comment here.