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Lady In Red: Anne Hathaway Stars on InStyle’s September Cover (Forum Buzz)

InStyle hit a home run last month after tapping Eva Longoria for the August issue. Now, as the magazine gears up for the release of its huge September issue, Anne Hathaway is unveiled as its latest cover conquest. Photographed by Michelangelo Di Battista and styled by Melissa Rubini, the actress looks regal and sophisticated wearing an elegant creation from Christian Dior. This is certainly a cover that could get us in the mood for those blockbuster September issues that are about to smash into our mailboxes.

US InStyle September 2015 Anne Hathaway by Michelangelo Di Battista


Forum members were pleasantly surprised at InStyle‘s offering. “I actually love that cover! Anne looks lovely, red looks so good on her,” admired SallyAlbright immediately.

“I don’t like Anne but that one is a nice cover,” admitted fluxxx.

Also impressed with the shot was tigerrogue. “She looks so keen, as if there’s something she really has to tell me. And then I realized how rare it is, that I feel any sort of connection with a cover girl. But those big eyes are looking at me,” she wrote in appreciation for the chosen cover image.

“This is a good shot, that oddly enough only works for them. Reminds me of Renee [Zellweger] and Nicole [Kidman]‘s covers for this magazine,” said Benn98.

“I actually love this! Anne looks beautiful, although, I’m having issues with the brows,” pointed out MON, as things started to head south.

A.D.C. was quick to notice, “Only 538 pages? Wasn’t last years 700+ pages? Seems like a pretty big decline.”

“Yeah big page difference this year, but it’s a nice enough cover,” assured Miss Dalloway.

Pick up your copy of InStyle‘s September issue from newsstands August, 14 and drop us a comment here.