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Julia Bergshoeff Is All Smiles on Vogue Germany’s September Cover (Forum Buzz)

It’s a rare occasion when models are smiling on the cover of fashion magazines, but Vogue Germany certainly serves up a cover full of life for us this month. Julia Bergshoeff is the magazine’s cover girl of choice for September, posing before the lens of Patrick Demarchelier clad in Prada and sporting a hairstyle coiffed to perfection. The Dutch model and current face of Salvatore Ferragamo was styled by Sarajane Hoare and participated in one of Demarchelier’s classic, timeless and elegant studio sittings. What more could we want?

Vogue Germany September 2015 Julia Bergshoeff by Patrick Demarchelier


“Aw, she looks cute. Adorable picture. The cropping looks awful, though. The masthead on her forehead looks terrible. The layout is bad too. But considering how awful this year has been for VG, this is nice,” said Creative the moment the cover dropped.

“Beautiful fall colors and Julia is styled perfectly!” responded a satisfied justaguy.

In agreement over how beautiful the cover looked was Miss Dalloway. “Simple, but gorgeous, Demarchelier is on fire! I think he is booking more cover jobs now in his 70s than he was when he was in his younger ‘prime’ self!” she congratulated.

But everyone else was left unimpressed. “Eh, she looks like the wife of a politician posing for campaign pictures. Really boring,” Marc10 pointed out.

Valentine27 failed to show enthusiasm, too, writing, “Really? This is awful. The cheesy hand-under-the-chin pose, the smile, the disproportionate coat, the depressing grey background, and the hair, oh the hair… Such a weird cover. Julia is a very pretty girl, that’s too bad!”

“I hate everything about this. Styling, pose, colors, text, composition. It looks cheap and amateur. Like a glamour shot from the 70s but without a hint of irony,” ranted MyNameIs.

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