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Keira Knightley, Is That You on ELLE’s 30th Anniversary Cover? (Forum Buzz)

On our forums, we’re pretty used to seeing Keira Knightley photograph beautifully, whether it’s on the cover of a magazine or in an advertising campaign for Chanel. The American edition of ELLE tapped the Brit actress for its spectacular September 2015 issue and enlisted the photographic expertise of Paola Kudacki. Yet we couldn’t be more displeased with the outcome as Keira doesn’t look like her usual graceful self, looking rather harsh — the leather jacket from Ralph Lauren only adding fuel to the fire.

US ELLE September 2015 Keira Knightley by Paola Kudacki


“This is really bad, looking more like a Cosmopolitan cover,” laughed MDNA in disbelief.

“Not to rain down on the power woman moment, but 30 ain’t no starting line for a lot of ELLE‘s readers, I imagine. More of a memory in the rear view mirror. Their own 2014 press kit seems to cite a median readership age of 37.2, other figures suggest 34. But when it’s your anniversary issue, you got to go with a gimmick,” added tigerrogue.

Handbag Queen certainly wasn’t feeling it either, expressing, “Gosh, what a lousy looking fall cover. Major disappointment.”

“As a subscriber, I really hope the subscribers’ cover looks better than this cheap mess. “THIS IS 30!” looks awful plastered right in the middle there, and they’ve somehow managed to make Keira Knightley look like J. Lo? C’mon, ELLE!” proclaimed beedonaldson.

Also not to show much enthusiasm was burbuja8910: “Tacky cover, she looks cheap.”

“Jesus Christ, 30? More like 40, and a desperate housewife. She’s so beautiful and fresh, why would anyone think this is a good idea?” asked Les Sucettes in horror.

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