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Lady Gaga’s Cover for CR Fashion Book Leaves Many Disappointed (Forum Buzz)

For this latest issue of CR Fashion Book, Carine Roitfeld tapped Bruce Weber to capture Lady Gaga, draped in lots and lots of tulle. The first cover shows the singer shrouded in white, her head peeking through what appears to be a hole in a tulle skirt. The other shows Gaga with runny mascara, messy hair, a rock band T-shirt, bustier and black tulle, as she intensely stares off into the distance. Our forum members were mostly displeased. Not just by the cover shots, but by the appearance of Gaga in the first place.

Lady Gaga CR Fashion Book

Image: CR Fashion Book

“This was the big surprise? So underwhelming,” mepps said. Benn98 couldn’t wrap his head around why Gaga nabbed the big feature, saying, “Surprising choice. The first cover is better than the second, but I’m so over Lady Gaga and she’s actually been keeping a low profile. Why not give the cover to Taraji?” Thatsfierce agreed with Benn98 on the Taraji sentiment: “Gaga is so irrelevant in this time. I don’t like. Taraji should be on the cover.”

“I love Carine to bits and I appreciate what she’s been trying to do with her magazine, but Lady Gaga? She couldn’t have picked someone more of non-factor if she tried,” arlekindearrabal wrote. Madzedre agreed, saying simply, “Her time is over.”

LastNight, however, had some insight into why Carine may have gone with Gaga this time around. “Surprised that people think Gaga is a strange choice for this, she’s friendly with Carine and Stephen Gan. Plus she’s had quite a big year: a jazz album and tour with Tony Bennett, a Grammy win, that amazing Oscars performance, her engagement and her upcoming role on American Horror Story – all stuff worthy of a cover story to me.”

Spike was simply over the entire debate, coming to Gaga’s defense. “As predicted, the reactions to Gaga are as laughable now as they were when they were all decrying how ‘irrelevant’ she was six or seven years ago, too. Clearly she’s just SO irrelevant that the people whose opinion actually effects anything – aka the editors, photographers, designers, creative directors, awards show organizers, music producers, television creators etc etc – still seek her out to work with. Honestly, I wish I could be that irrelevant.”

 What do you think? Did Lady Gaga deserve the cover? Throw in your two cents and join the discussion in our forum.