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Is This the Best Vogue Spain Could Do with Penelope Cruz? (Forum Buzz)

After doing justice to Kim Kardashian last month, Vogue Spain has unfortunately taken one giant step backwards with its all-important September 2015 cover. The magazine does, however, get major snaps for bringing awareness to breast cancer this month and tapping Penelope Cruz to front the issue. The radiant Spanish actress poses before the lens of Nico Bustos with stylist Belen Antolin appropriately selecting an extravagant pink feathered creation for Cruz to wear, while showing off a short hairstyle. Good cause aside, has Vogue Spain’s best efforts ultimately paid off?

Vogue Spain September 2015 Penelope Cruz by Nico Bustos


Our forum members weren’t feeling it from the start. “Awfully Photoshopped. The background and Penelope’s image don’t blend together at all. Also the ribbon for breast cancer awareness looks tacky on the cover,” disapproved coutugh immediately.

“The background doesn’t work at all! Penelope is a stunning woman and they could have done something 100 times better than this,” posted an underwhelmed Aizanara.

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Sharing the same sentiments was Mrs.T: “My God they get one of the most stunning women in the world and this is what they come up with?”

Nymphaea wasn’t much of a fan either, writing, “I’m not digging the short hair and her expression is too vulnerable/sad.”

“Yikes! This looks like those ad campaigns for Revlon / L’Oreal hair dyes. Probably one of the worst September covers so far considering they’ve all been bad. Vogue Spain NEEDS a shakeup IMMEDIATELY! The team seems like they already dried out of ideas,” complained MON, who later returned to say, “Despite the ugly cover, what a beautiful CAUSE!”

Make sure to grab your copy of Vogue Spain’s September issue available now, on newsstands worldwide. Check out the contents and drop us a comment here.