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Daria Strokous Gives Numéro Its Best Black and White Cover to Date (Forum Buzz)

The French edition of Numéro solidifies its return to form with the release of the September cover. Out is Karl Lagerfeld, who has shot Numéro‘s big March and September covers since forever, and in comes photographer Nathaniel Goldberg like a breath of fresh air. Goldberg captured model Daria Strokous on location in the streets of Paris at night wearing Chanel Haute Couture. The overall look of the image may still resemble Lagerfeld’s signature black and white aesthetic but we’re just loving Numero‘s elegant new offering.

Numéro #166 September 2015 Daria Strokous by Nathaniel Goldberg


Members of our forums were pleasantly surprised. “Beautiful, chic and classic, great dress,” praised Nymphaea from the offset, setting the tone for comments to follow.

“Sublime! I love this cover so much,” forum member fluxxx enthused soon after.

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MON was impressed by Goldberg’s cover too and applauded: “Looks so beautiful!! Wow! Finally a black and white cover that works.”

In agreement over how fantastic the cover turned out was TeeVanity, raving, “Very elegant and stunning cover.” 

“So striking! It’ll be quite a noticeable competitor on the newsstand,” Aedlacir said.

“Gorgeous cover! Goldberg’s use of lights and darks works beautifully here in black & white,” commended justaguy.

If you’re a fan of this cover then you’ll be delighted with Daria’s accompanying cover story. Check it out and preview the rest of Numéro’s September issue here.