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Miley Cyrus Stars on a Messy UK ELLE Cover (Forum Buzz)

The British edition of ELLE successfully managed to do Kristen Stewart justice on the cover of its September issue, generating rave reviews on our forums. ELLE is now creating buzz for its October installment featuring Miley Cyrus for what the magazine describes as its “boldest issue yet.” The edition also marks a special occasion for the publication as ELLE celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. Photographed by Matt Irwin, the controversial star is already asking for trouble as she poses before a paint-splattered background wearing a crisp white Emporio Armani suit.

UK Elle October 2015 Miley Cyrus by Matt Irwin


Our forum members couldn’t wait to see the cover. “Gosh, getting sick of Miley and ELLE UK for that matter. The captions read like a for dummies handbook,” laughed jescajade in pity the moment the cover dropped.

“Ugh, what a downgrade from last month’s cover, really weary of this girl. I don’t know whether it’s just the quality of the image, but the shot itself doesn’t look too good,” expressed Benn98 in disbelief.

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GIVENCHYlover described the cover as “messy” with gossiping soon ranting, “I’ll never purchase anything with that on the cover.”

“The only [thing] that gets me excited about this issue is the Balmain x H&M collaboration. Miley looks good but the background is too messy for my liking. The contrast between the white blazer and the whole abstract painting is somehow painful for the eyes and to be honest I don’t understand why they didn’t go with a simple background,” wondered Aizanara.

Although the cover seemed to show some promise as ThatGuyPaul confessed: “I actually quite like this!”

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