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Glamour Taps 3 of TV’s Hottest Stars for October (Forum Buzz)

It has become apparent over the past few months that Glamour magazine has been stepping up its game. After all, the title has been tapping the likes of Kim Kardashian, Amy Schumer and even took a risk with model Karlie Kloss on the cover of the September issue. As we now move on to the October installment, Glamour has released a set of three covers featuring some of TV’s hottest actresses, including Taraji P. Henson, Emma Roberts and Gina Rodriguez.

US Glamour October 2015 TV Stars by Steven Pan


Members of our forums couldn’t wait to choose their favorite. “Emma’s cover (below left) is cool, I love that Christian Dior dress,” raved gossiping right away.

“Emma and Gina’s (below right) covers are cute! I like it! Fun and the vibe is so good,” added MON, but then said, “Meanwhile, Taraji (above), that hair tho. It’s too flat. It looks so contrived. I’m trying to like it with the rest but no.”

Benn98 agreed, writing, “What a great set! Emma looks cool in that dress, just don’t get her smirk/pout and the makeup. Taraji looks good as well, and don’t know who this Gina is, but I desperately need to see her on the telly.”

“I like Emma’s the best. The smirk gives it a little extra oomph. Taraji should have been smiling/smirking/some other facial expression that is not trying to be sultry, as well,” said gazebo.

Also keen to add their own two cents was RanThe: “I like all three covers! Very good choices minus Emma Roberts, who I really can’t stand AT ALL!!! Glamour has been great all year! I hope it continues into 2016!”

US Glamour October 2015 Tv Stars by Steven Pan


Be sure to let us know which cover is your favorite inside our thread here.