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Karlie Kloss Serves Supermodel Realness on Vogue China’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

We made no attempt to hide the fact that Vogue China‘s September cover was tragic, failing to impress with a handful of Chinese celebrities. Now, as the title releases its October edition, we welcome a model with open arms to the front cover. Chinese Vogue tapped none other than Karlie Kloss for its new offering, who is making quite the rounds on magazine covers lately. The current face of Versace was shot by Mario Testino, giving us a perfectly gorgeous image. What more could we want?


@karliekloss stars on the cover of our October issue, photographed by @mariotestino, styled by Anastasia Barbieri

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The cover, however, left our forum members with mixed reactions. “Nice to see Karlie, and the cover looks OK, although a bit dated. What’s with the big hair? VC should really lay off Testino for a while,” expressed an underwhelmed Benn98 as soon as the cover struck.

“Yikes! The cropping is all sorts of wrong. You wanted big hair but you crop some of it off? I am also not liking the color scheme. Too much nude colors that make the cover look dead. The yellow looks out of place too. Vogue China seriously needs to shake it up. Stray away from Mario and get photographers that will revitalize the magazine,” ranted MON.

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“She looks too Photoshopped for my taste. What’s up with VC lately, they aren’t doing so well…” KateTheGreatest stated.

Things started to shape up as anlabe32 declared, “Not bad actually. I quite like how it looks. Powerful but not in your face.”

Miss Dalloway was certainly a fan, writing, “Gorgeous! Just a bit crowded with too much text, but she holds such command in this shot it’s really great.”

“I like it. Classic supermodel cover. Karlie looks beautiful,” admired MyNameIs.

Await the content of Vogue China’s October issue and join the conversation here.