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In Bed with Marion Cotillard for Christian Dior’s New Handbag Campaign (Forum Buzz)

By now, we’re pretty aware of the fact that Marion Cotillard is well affiliated with Christian Dior. She has starred in countless advertising campaigns for the iconic French fashion house since 2008 and seven years later, Marion’s ads for Raf Simons‘ Fall 2015 collection of Lady Dior handbags have been unveiled for our pleasure. Switching it up from the actress’ last set, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott were the photographers of choice this time around. The duo has a habit of recycling the same ideas over and over and we cannot help but feel like we’ve seen all of this before.

Christian Dior 'Lady Dior' Handbags F/W 2015.16 : Marion Cotillard by Mert & Marcus


Members of our forums were quick to descend on the thread. “Well well! Something fresh, love the restraint. If it were up to those two there would be way more sex appeal than what we’re seeing here. The shots remind me somewhat of Marion’s debut Vogue Paris editorial/Dior under Galliano,” acknowledged Benn98.

“It definitely looks like a toned down version of her first VP editorial. Last season’s Lindbergh ads were infinitely better than this awkward, stiff mess. M&M are really losing their touch,” replied an uninterested Melancholybaby.

Also underwhelmed was squilliam: “It’s selling the dress more than the bag in my opinion, just too much focus on it. I’m kinda sick of the colors these two always seem to be using. So much red or blue in their pictures, it’s getting old.”

Forum member madzedre wasn’t blown away by the colors either, writing, “The colors fall flat for me.”

Yet not everyone was so entirely disappointed. “The first one is great, love how the red bag pops. The second one is super cheesy,” shared Marc10.

“Beautiful, love the soft colours and the pop of red,” agreed Nymphaea.

Christian Dior 'Lady Dior' Handbags F/W 2015.16 : Marion Cotillard by Mert & Marcus


Are you a fan? Share your opinion and await more campaign images here.