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Lana Del Rey Is Unrecognizable on the Cover of Vogue Turkey (Forum Buzz)

She’s been doing the rounds on various magazines covers lately, currently fronting the latest issue of V Magazine and scoring the cover of German Interview. Now, unexpectedly, Lana Del Rey lands the cover of Vogue Turkey. The magazine often falls out of favor on our forums and poor Lana can’t catch a break with this nightmarish cover. Shot by Liz Collins before a clean white background and wearing Alexander McQueen, we cannot help but ask: what’s wrong with Lana’s face?

Vogue Turkey November 2015 : Lana Del Rey by Liz Collins


“Yikes. That’s not her actual face, is it? She looks like a plastic surgery victim,” declared a horrified MyNameIs the moment the cover came to light.

“Holy Photoshop. She looks really really bad, she does not look like herself!” added an equally as appalled KateTheGreatest.

Also in a state of shock was mistress f: “What an actual monstrosity! The OTT Photoshop paired with what she’s done to her face, makes for a truly nightmarish result.”

“So many wrong things with this cover. The most noticeable is her face…who is this person?” asked a dismayed kokobombon.

Forum member burbuja8910 was appalled. “HOLY CRAP!!! She looks a wax figure, what a ugly and horrible cover,” she exclaimed.

Benn98 agreed, ranting, “Yikes, they’ve stripped everything that actually made her Lana Del Rey. And what’s with the busty area??? Might as well have been a random model, tbqh. Quite a missed opportunity.”

Well…that’s that. Are you a fan of Lana’s latest cover? Drop us a comment and check out some previews here.