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Steven Meisel Photographs Prada’s ‘Hot Mess’ of a Resort 2016 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Prada‘s Fall 2015 advertising campaign left us underwhelmed, as models wandered aimlessly around a studio. Due to the lack of Steven Meisel‘s presence at Vogue Italia, we now find ourselves yearning for pictures shot by the legendary lensman and thankfully, Prada’s new Resort 2016 campaign fulfills our needs. Models Lexi Boling, Meghan Collison, Ina Maribo Jensen, Lineisy Montero, Julia Nobis and Greta Varlese come together in the recently released ads, shot up against garage doors with some good studio lighting, which had our forum members descending upon the thread like wildfire.

Prada Resort 2015 Campaign by Steven Meisel


Members of our forums shared different views. “Shot by Meisel. A-MA-ZING, love how moody this feels compared to the Fall campaign, can’t wait to see more,” raved Riseup, keen to see what else is to come.

“I like it! It feels fresh and they managed to get the same vibe as the show. And Lineisy!” contributed an equally impressed GivenchyHomme.

Also liking what he saw was quangthinh, writing, “What a hot mess! I love it, they all look stunning.”

But not everyone was so positive. “The girls look beautiful, but I almost never like Meisel’s campaigns. I think that commercial pressures eliminate the creativity seen in his stunning editorial work,” complained ottawa.

“Oh god, Julia and Meghan on top of Lineisy? Horror cast. Combined with the atrocious collection and the awfully cheap lighting makes this a gross campaign. Lexi can’t save it,” slammed a horrified anlabe32.

EMLLover2013 failed to show much enthusiasm, either: “The models look dead. It really looks so over styled.”

Prada Resort 2015 Campaign by Steven Meisel


Check out the accompanying video and see the rest of the campaign inside our thread here.