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Gigi Hadid as You’ve Never Seen Her Before on Vogue Italia (Forum Buzz)

We’re far too used to seeing Gigi Hadid vamp it up for the likes W Magazine, sit pretty for Vogue Netherlands and go glamorous on the cover of Vogue Spain. However, leave it to Vogue Italia to give the Victoria’s Secret recruit a whole new look. Our forums have made no attempt to hide the fact the magazine let standards slip lately, but Steven Meisel is back behind the lens for November, albeit leaving us a little lost for words. Complete with styling from Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, intriguing makeup applied by Pat McGrath and a funky wig tended to by hairstylist Guido Palau, the image was sure to set tongues wagging on our forums.

An unrecognizable Gigi did not go down lightly. “Why are they doing this to us? WHY? It’s sad enough that Meisel is doing only a few covers and the others are try-hard copies of his style but when his covers look like this,” slammed dcmaike.

“Hate it, she looks tacky and gaudy which was obviously intentional. Besides, wasn’t this done with Joan [Smalls] a few years ago? I don’t understand why she had to get cover billing when they don’t even give it to the greats,” Benn98 added.

Feeling the same way was Melancholybaby: “Awful attempt at imitating the 80s. The power of personality is enough to make a regular cover showstopping but alas Gigi possesses no such power.”

Aizanara wasn’t impressed either, ranting, “OMG this is so bad! The power of personality? This has no energy, no life and a black girl would have been 100x better. LMAO at the Photoshop, we all know Gigi doesn’t look like that in real life.”

“This is really bad, it’s such a shame,” echoed a disappointed KateTheGreatest.

“I really hope the skin tone is just the quality of that pic, because…” pointed out a dismayed Marc10.

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