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We’ve Seen This Alexa Chung ELLE UK Cover a Thousand Times Before (Forum Buzz)

According to our forums, the British edition of ELLE seems unwilling to deliver groundbreaking material and we’re becoming increasingly frustrated with the magazine. Half expecting a festive cover for December, ELLE instead insisted on gifting us a rather cold and lifeless shot of Alexa Chung. Photographed by Matt Irwin, the style icon turned digital mogul gives us 60s/Twiggy vibes, nonchalantly posing on the studio floor wearing a spring-feeling Dolce & Gabbana dress.

UK Elle December 2015 : Alexa Chung by Matt Irwin


Members of our forums weren’t in the mood. “I’m not one of those ELLE U.K. haters (there have been some nice covers lately and I like their graphic layout), but it feels like we’ve seen this cover one thousand times! White background, Alexa in florals…So bland and seen,” Srdjan ranted immediately.

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“Agreed, they haven’t had a really striking cover in a while even though their cover subjects might be interesting. Something festive or with a little fantasy wouldn’t hurt,” replied Benn98.

“Looks more like a January issue than a December one,” chimed in tigerrouge.

Also underwhelmed was LastNight. “What a bland and uninspired cover. I don’t particularly like Alexa but I can’t help but be impressed at the sheer amount of covers she manages to book for no apparent reason. She must sell well, although I can’t imagine why at this point,” he questioned in amazement.

Forum member littlekiki wasn’t buying it, either, simply stating, “Bored by her, bored by ELLE U.K.”

“Bored of Alexa, bored of this magazine, and again they’ve got the most vapid cover text. Ridiculous,” exclaimed jescajade.

While the cover may be on the tired side, Alexa’s cover story is more exciting. Check it out and share your own opinion here.