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Cate Blanchett’s Holiday Cover for W Magazine Leaves Us Cold (Forum Buzz)

You’re about to see a whole lot of Cate Blanchett down at your local newsstand. The Aussie actress already fronts Vogue Australia‘s current offering and is now unveiled as W magazine‘s latest cover subject. We saw Cate’s appearance coming from a mile away, but the finished outcome leaves our forums cold. Shot by artistic photographer Tim Walker and styled by Jacob K, Cate wears a dramatic creation by Emporio Armani teamed with intriguing headgear from Patricia Underwood for W‘s double December/January installment.

W Magazine December 2015 : Cate Blanchett by Tim Walker


Someone should remind W that Halloween was back in October. “Tim Walker’s schtick is getting a bit tired. At this point it no longer feels imaginative and wondrous, at this point we know exactly what we’re getting. Looks completely reflexive and not particularly inspiring because we’ve seen it all before,” discredited dior_couture1245 right away.

“I hate when Cate and Tim do clownish. Really gets on my nerves. She looks ugly and ‘intense’ in a bad way,” Creative contributed.

In agreement was MON, exclaiming, “It feels like I’ve seen this before. It leaves me cold TBH. This is winter in its worst mood ever.”

“This cover story feels like Cate wanted Tim Walker, but Tim Walker wanted Tilda Swinton,” tigerrouge laughed.

But not everyone was so discouraged by the outcome. “I don’t understand all the negative reactions. It’s not particularly new for Tim, but it is so beautiful, and I find it refreshing to see Cate in this light,” admitted mistress_f.

Nepenthes agreed, raving, “Beautiful Walker pictures and I always love seeing Cate. Stunning work!”

Does the cover do it for you? Take a peek at Cate’s cover story and let us know what you think here.