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Claire Danes and Allure Deliver the Goods for December (Forum Buzz)

Our forums would never have guessed in a million years that we’d be dependent on Allure to deliver a festive, glamorous and all-around gorgeous cover for the month of December. It has been evident in each and every thread that we were yearning for something stylish and Claire Danes gives us just what we desire. Shot by Sebastian Kim with styling from Paul Cavaco throughout, the Homeland actress looks sensational wearing a blue silk Lanvin dress and we’re completely sold.

US Allure December 2015 Claire Danes by Sebastian Kim


Our forums were left shouting from the rooftops. “Oh she actually looks good, usually they have worse covers! Plus I love seeing her on the cover,” shared a pleasantly surprised KateTheGreatest.

“Claire Danes looks super glamorous, totally love the cover!” echoed marsnoop2.

Nymphaea was in the mood for some glamour too, writing, “Stunning Claire, great cover! Feels very pure.”

In agreement was Oxymore, hailing, “Really nice cover, I love it!”

Also over the moon with the outcome was MON: “For the first time, an Allure cover that will definitely stand out! Stunning!”

“I love this cover. This is much better than Vogue… Claire looks gorgeous and I love the lip color that pops on the cover,” admired TaylorBinque.

“I’ll take all of it. But given the change of editorship, I get the feeling this magazine is now an endangered species,” voiced a concerned tigerrouge after news broke that the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells has left the position after a 24-year tenure.

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