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Natalia Vodianova Brings Festive Glamour to Vogue Spain’s December Cover (Forum Buzz)

If 2015 has taught us anything, it’s that Vogue Spain has been having an identity crisis. Last month, our forums were captivated by the sheer drama and luxuriousness of Catherine McNeil‘s cover, but the mag’s newest offering leaves us divided. In comes Natalia Vodianova as the magazine’s December cover girl wearing a red leather Louis Vuitton dress, captured in ornate surroundings by Nico Bustos, getting us in the festive spirit.

Vogue España December 2015 : Natalia Vodianova by Nico Bustos


“I think it’s fabulous! Just the way it is. I really like the white border, it makes it more fresh. Natalia looks beautiful and the red is just enough to make a nod to the holidays,” praised gazebo the moment the cover hit.

“Something different from them, but I love it, it’s gorgeous, and a bit of glamour and drama for December, at last!!!” hailed an appreciative Miss Dalloway.

Projecting the same attitude toward the cover was Nymphaea: “It feels festive and a bit edgy. The white border gives it a bit of chic feeling to it. Good cover.”

Forum member narcyza was quick to add her approval, echoing, “Natalia looks amazing here and in the end we see some festive vibes on the cover for December, I was missing this.”

But not everyone was so enamored. “She looks quite beautiful here, but the border? And that leather…no! Why not just go for sheer ruffles, why leather?” asked Benn98.

“It’s a beautiful shot I must admit! All the red is giving me the holiday vibes I’m seriously deprived of from all the other covers. With that said, I am having some reservations with the white border. Not sure if it strengthens the cover or weakens it,” MON voiced.

Await the content of the issue and in the meantime, drop us a comment here.