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Karlie Kloss and Vogue Mexico Give Us the Festive Cover We Deserve for December (Forum Buzz)

As the holiday season gets in full swing, Vogue Mexico bestows upon us a fabulously festive cover to close out 2015. In comes statuesque beauty Karlie Kloss to restore our faith in magazines this December, posing before the lens of Russell James. Styled by Sarah Gore Reeves, the current face of Versace shines bright wearing Chanel on the front cover.

Vogue Mexico December 2015 : Karlie Kloss by Russell James


Unfortunately, the cover failed to leave our forum members in a celebratory mood. “I don’t like this, so many wrong things IMO: her face, the layout, the catalogue vibe…” complained kokobombon immediately.

“Horrible cover, it’s getting worse than U.K. Vogue,” added a horrified burbuja8910.

Forum member tigerrouge shared the same disappointing sentiments, echoing, “I certainly don’t mind a cheesy theme for December, but at least make her look fantastic. Karlie’s a great model, but when it comes to a cover, I’d rather see a shot of her face at a good angle, rather than this – or what we got on U.K. Vogue.”

Also unsatisfied with the outcome was dcmaike: “It really looks like a cheap catalogue with clothes copied from Chanel.”

“Too much Photoshop, the expression on her face and the pose are too much,” stated justaguy.

Sensing some airbrushing had occurred, marsnoop2 asked, “Why is her face so Photoshopped? The second cover is lovely though.”

“I like it. It’s a commercial type cover done well. I think some people always want some avant-garde type sh*t on every cover and don’t consider the marketplace or demographics…” shared A.D.C., shedding light on the cover.

Vogue Mexico December 2015 : Karlie Kloss by Russell James


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