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Alicia Vikander Wins Us Over on UK Harper’s Bazaar’s Minimal January Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our forums were pretty silent on the December issue of U.K. Harper’s Bazaar, but the publication sure has us talking about its new January edition. Kicking off 2016 with a bang, Bazaar welcomes Alicia Vikander onto its front cover, who poses before the lens of Bazaar regular Alexi Lubomirski. We took an exclusive first peek at the cover sent to subscribers (pictured below) with the British title opting for an unconventional and minimal shot of the Swedish actress that showcases her Stella McCartney dress to perfection.

UK Harper's Bazaar January 2016 : Alicia Vikander by Alexi Lubomirski


Members of our forums shared mixed views toward the cover, though. “I’m so bored of her. She’s everywhere, it’s annoying me,” said Oxymore the moment the cover dropped.

“IMO she always looks so bland, I’ve only seen her in Ex Machina and her look worked there but on fashion magazines she lacks charisma and presence. This time is no different but I like the main cover because of the styling,” echoed kokobombon.

Miss Dalloway wasn’t exactly jumping for joy, admitting, “I also don’t get her in print, the x factor she has on screen doesn’t come through somehow. I would sooner expect her on ELLE though, not the most exciting cover shots.”

But everyone else was loving it! “I love the styling of this cover and think for once she’s actually marketed in a nice, understated way, here,” admired HeatherAnne.

“This is what Harper’s Bazaar U.S. should look like,” praised MON, clearly a fan of the minimal approach.

Forum member peachescream agreed, applauding, “U.K. Bazaar is making some very interesting cover choices at the moment and I love it.”

“Both covers look great, what a start to the year U.K. Harper’s Bazaar,” hailed burbuja8910.

Check out a preview of the regular newsstand cover and join the conversation here.