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Gigi Hadid Channels 90s Supermodels on UK Vogue’s January Cover (Forum Buzz)

British Vogue disappointed us BIG time last month, but the mag has certainly redeemed itself with the newest unveiling. Starting 2016 with a bang, U.K. Vogue welcomes model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid onto its January cover, who looks every inch the supermodel she’s proving herself to be. Our forums had sniffed out a potential British Vogue for Gigi in the future, so we’re naturally delighted to see our prediction become a reality. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, the Maybelline ambassador sports a striped sweater from Topshop, worn under a leather biker jacket by Bally.

UK Vogue January 2016 Gigi Hadid by Patrick Demarchelier


Safe to say that our forum members are loving it! “Great casual cover! Gigi looks very pretty, down to earth, very fresh,” applauded Nymphaea straight away.

“Oh I like that one! Gigi looks beautiful and young. A breath of fresh air,” Oxymore added.

In agreement over how terrific the cover turned out was MON: “Oh wow I love it!! Braving the new year with a smile! One of the best covers of U.K. Vogue so far!”

Miss Dalloway shared the same sentiments, confessing, “Such a lovely cover, love her face expression here.”

“What a beautiful cover! Very refreshing especially from British Vogue. She’s on fire!” Style Savvy hailed.

“Ah, this is nice. A refreshing start to the year for sure,” declared honeycombchild.

“That’s a totally lovely cover and I am not even her fan… Very 90s U.S. Vogue,” pointed out a pleasantly surprised KissMiss.

“Reminds me of those very casual, very cool 90s editorials that just worked then, and definitely work now,” admitted ohmycolin.

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