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Kate Moss Snags a Vogue Italia Cover for the First Time in Almost 20 Years (Forum Buzz)

It has become evident on our forums that the December covers have been seriously lacking and last but not least is Vogue Italia‘s festive offering, which surfaced earlier today. Going all-out in true celebratory style, Italian Vogue invited photographer Tim Walker (sobs for Steven Meisel) to produce five different covers to close out 2015. The most remarkable of them is the one that features modeling sensation Kate Moss, who stars on her first cover since 1996!

Vogue Italia December 2015 by Tim Walker


Kate’s cover, along with the other four, got our attention pretty quickly. “Is this Kate’s first VI cover since 1996? She looks like Kasia Struss though LOL,” pointed out russianelf.

Also acknowledging the joyous occasion was Kanna, writing, “On Kate grabbing another VI cover in 20 years: as long as you stick to the business there is always a chance.”

But for everyone else, the cover failed to impress. “Wow, over 20 years since Kate was last on VI and that is what they do? She looks like she just sneezed,” mocked SpeakThatJDunn.

“Yeah, it barely looks like Kate. At first I thought it was some random French actress,” littlekiki threw into the mix.

“What have they done with Kate Moss? Are you honestly telling me that THAT is the BEST shot from the editorial? If that is any indication, then count me out,” announced a horrified MON.

KissMiss wasn’t buying it either, chiming in, “I don’t like Kate’s cover at all. Her face looks swollen…”

Vogue Italia December 2015 by Tim Walker


Take a peek and see what everyone is saying about the remaining four covers (pictured above) inside our thread here.