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You’ll Either Love or Hate Emma Roberts’ Allure Cover for January (Forum Buzz)

Allure successfully managed to steal the spotlight from the other mainstream fashion monthlies last month and appear to be riding a wave of success into the new year. For January 2016, Allure secured a cover with Emma Roberts, shot by legendary fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Making for a refreshing and welcome choice, the star of Scream Queens looks radiant and fresh posing in a classic studio setting wearing a Christian Dior bodysuit.

Allure January 2016 : Emma Roberts by Patrick Demarchelier


“Best I’ve ever seen her photographed,” proclaimed marsnoop2 straight away.

In agreement over how terrific the cover turned out was liv4beauty: “I love this. Sexy but playful. It’s the best I’ve seen her look.”

Benn98 shared the same positive attitude: “Ooh, I love it! Yet another zoomed out cover, mad about the new direction. We can at least tell one shot apart from another. Glad to see Emma book another major cover.”

“Gorgeous! I long for the day to see her in Vogue,” said a more than content MON.

But everyone else was left at odds. “She looks lovely, though in a way it looks like her head and neck were Photoshopped onto another woman’s body,” questioned KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I love that Allure is trying new angles and poses for cover images but the styling is so wrong IMO… and that layout is so cheap looking, it brings everything down,” kokobombon complained.

Elite13 wasn’t feeling it, either, writing, “How can they make Emma and Dior look so cheap? I don’t think this does her justice…”

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