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Vogue Russia Features a Virtual Unknown on the January Cover (Forum Buzz)

Magazines continue to take risks this month by serving up January issues with unexpected and surprising cover stars. First, American Vogue hit us off with Alicia Vikander, then Allure gave us Emma Roberts. But Vogue Russia‘s subject most definitely had us racking our brains. The magazine introduces Cuba Tornado Scott, who captivates us completely before the lens of Michel Comte wearing a striped Max Mara creation (prison jumpsuit, anyone?). The granddaughter of famous film director Ridley Scott had our forums heading over to Google to do research, so Vogue Russia obviously got our attention.

Vogue Russia January 2016 : Cuba Tornado Scott by Michel Comte


Unfortunately, forum members were rather confused. “Lea Michele is that you?” an unaware GivenchyHomme asked straight away.

“I don’t really like it, because she looks like a bodybuilder or boxer preparing for her match,” added a dumbfounded Nymphaea.

Also unwilling to show enthusiasm was burbuja8910: “Horrible, she looks so cold on the cover,” as gossiping chimed in with, “Oh dear…nothing good about this.”

MulletProof was in the same frame of mind. “I just can’t get over the ridiculous name. Of all the people living off some relative’s fame, I probably find this type infinitely more insufferable than the Kendalls or Gigis… same upbringing but with a spin of the worst version of a hipster,” she ranted.

“Who was responsible for this mess and for the casting of this girl? Those people should reconsider working for a fashion magazine,” disapproved a horrified anlabe32.

“What an awful start for Vogue Russia. Next, please! This is too overwhelming,” narcyza announced.

The claws are out. Share your own opinion and check out more photos of Cuba here.